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How To Measure: Pelmets

Pelmet Measurement

  1. We recommend you fit a board above your window to take your pelmet - 120ml x 20ml planed wood is the best - You can then fit you track beneath this. The board needs to extend beyond the track by 2.5cm. each side. Your pelmet will be supplied with the necessary adhesive Velcro to stick to the front of the board.

  2. For gathered pelmets with heading tape you could fit a Swish valance track which are supplied with the necessary fittings.

  3. When you have fitted your board or track measure the width from end to end and add the returns as per diagram.

  4. Unless you have a specific requirement for the depth of your pelmet, we will make them to the standard depth required for your curtain drop.

  5. One of our speciality pelmet styles is the upholstered pelmet. You would need to contact us regarding these so we can discuss the various options available.