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Apex Window Dressing

Posted by Anne Ginger on


Apex Windows can be difficult to dress at times, but we feel these neutral pencil pleat apex curtains look beautiful in the customers room. 

We recommended Prestigious Textiles Wide Width fabric from the 'Saxon' Collection. Prestigious Textiles are notoriously competitively priced, and we love the timeless simplicity to their 'Saxon' Collection. 

Choosing a wide width fabric allowed us to make the made to measure curtains without having to join two widths of fabric together; so there were no seams accoss the pair, creating a really clean finish. 

We very carefully measure all apex curtains to ensure the perfect fit across the angles of the window. Using a set of rope tiebacks we have created a effortless drape effect to soften the angles of the apex and to keep the curtains neatly tied back during the day. 

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